Skyway To Islands

Our game for Weekly Game Jam - Week 110 
Theme: Floating Sky Islands

Just a small laggy platformer thing. You're a little boy who can jump. You can also press buttons. Hope these skills will help you finish the game.

Use WASD or arrows to move.

Art: komikGRAFF
Code: yuitop
Music: yuitop

PS sorry for main menu and credits


Skyway To 24 MB
Skyway To 22 MB


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Very creative and enjoyable. I think you should have a toggle for screen shake. I did get a bit dizzy when playing. Overall, good music and humor with the characters.


Got really nauseous, the camera is too jittery :C otherwise a cute platformer though... Excuse me while I go throw up... loved it though...


thank you for feedback. Don't you like the way camera moves or shakes? Have you got any suggestions to fix it?


Being as I don't know what engine you're in or your approach no. I would just say to smooth it out so I don't feel sick when I'm moving quickly

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Hey! I've found a magic number for the camera movement if you have the pixel perfect component on your camera... 

transform.position = Vector3.Slerp(transform.position, desiredPosition, speed * Time.deltaTime);

is what I use, and speed = 2.5f

Hope this helps.


Cute little game, I had a good laugh seeing how the character could fall down

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